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Special Match Operations
  1. What proof of vaccination will be accepted for entry into the stadium? (If not, EU Digitalpass)
    • Paper or digital confirmation is accepted (English) with any of the EU-approved vaccines.
  2. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a special match plan with exclusive requirements applies in compliance with the authorities and football law:
    • Matches can take place either with spectators or not.
    • The matches are taking place under the strict hygiene and safety plans in place. Compliance with this is mandatory for stadium visitors.
    • Information on the current safety and hygiene procedues can be found on our Homepage.
    • For matches which take place with supporters, tickets will be issued through a ballot. Season ticket holders have first right to purchase tickets if numbers are limited.
    • You can find information on the ballot on our Homepage.
    • Tickets for home matches can only be purchased online.
  3. What are the conditions for buying a season ticket for 20/21?
    • There are special conditions to this, which can be found here.
  4. As a season ticket, am I included in the draw for home match tickets automatically?
    • No. You must register your interest by purchasing a free ticket online for each game.
  5. My application did not win, will the amount of the ticket be credited to my shop account?
    • Yes, if you are unable to attend due to corona restrictions or if you did not win, you will receive the equivalent value at the shop.
  6. I'm not participating in the draw for certain games, will the credit still be put into my shop account?
    • Yes, for these special match operations, you will be credited for all home games you can't watch. However, you won't earn the credit if you participated and won in the ballot, but then don't use the ticket for personal reasons.
  7. When can I redeem the Zeughaus credit?
    • As soon as the sales are done for the season, you will receive a voucher by email.
  8. Can I use this credit to buy tickets for season 21/22?
    • Yes, the credit can be used for products and services of any kind.
  9. How long is my shop credit valid?
    • Like every voucher, it is valid for 3 years. However, it would help the club a lot if you could redeem until July 31, 2021.
  10. Can I use the seat which is indicated on my season ticket?
    • This is quite unlikely. Special rules will apply for these special matches e.g. to maintain social distancing. In the case you win in the ballot, you can then book a seat online.
  11. My application has succeeded in the ballot. Does the notification count as the ticket?
    • No, you have to book your seat in the online account following notification. This seat card counts as an admission ticket alongisde your season ticket.
  12. I cannot come to the ground on matchday at short notice. Can I pass on my ticket?
    • No. Your ticket is only valid in conjunction with your season ticket to ensure tracking is followed in accordance with Germany's Infection Protection Policy. At the entrance, your ticket will be checked against photo ID.
  13. Will special tickets be issued on match day?
    • There will be no individual tickets so long as the capacity is less than the number of season tickets sold. Union will inform you on the homepage as soon as individual tickets can be gained in the ballot. Only Union members can participate.
  14. Can tickets for away games be purchased?
    • No, there are no tickets available for away matches.
  15. Which entrance should I use?
    • In comparison to normal games, you can't use every entrance point. Please note due to the hygiene plan, the entrances are assigned to certain areas of the ground:

      Eingang Waldkasse: Sektor 1 (Block C1, C2), Sektor 2, Rollies
      Eingang Bierkasse: Sektor 3 nur die Blöcke K, L, M, N, P
      Eingang Hämmerlingstr. Sektor 3 nur die Blöcke O, Q, R, S, T
      Eingang Gast : Sektor 4 und Sektor 5
      Eingang Tribüne Treppenhaus : Sektor 1 (Block A1, A2, B1, B2, B3)
      Eingang Tribüne: VIP-Bereich, Logenebene

Season Tickets
  1. I have forgotten my username.
    • Most of the usernames are the e-mail addresses registered. Try again with your username. If it doesn't work, write to
  2. I have forgotten my password.
    • Follow this Link and reset your password, allowing you to create a new one.
  3. My season ticket does not appear under 'My Reservations'.
    • It's likely you have more than one account. We need to connect these accounts together, so please write to us with your full name:
  4. The order process was cancelled due to wrong payment method or internet connection, what do I do next?
    • In the best case, you are still on the side of the payment provider. There is a button to cancel it. Usually this something like "Return to Merchant". Click on this button and you'll be returned to our site where you can start again.
      1. Wait 3-4 hours, the order will be cancelled automatically and the season ticket put back into your reserved tickets.
      2. Delete browing history or change device.
  1. Can I buy a ticket at a discounted price?
    • Members, severely disabled persons, pensioners, unemployed people, trainees, students, conscripts to the armed forces, people doing community service and school pupils are entitled to a discount - on presentation of the corresponding certificate. Children up to and including 12 years of age also receive discounts. Please provide evidence of that at the entrance.
  2. Where can I collect ordered/purchased tickets?
    • If your order is a season ticket, or tickets on "Deposit / Pickup", they can be accepted at the Zeughaus*, or on the day of the match at the box office in the cash desk area 1 (forest side of the stadium), on presentation of an identity document, or a proof of confirmation from you if a third-party intends to collect in your name.


      Zeughaus Bahnhofstraße, Bahnhofstraße 23-25, 12555 Berlin
      Zeughaus am Stadion / Waldseite, An der Wuhlheide 263, 12555 Berlin
  3. Do I need to have a ticket for my child?
    • Children up to the age of 5 years old are given free entry to the home games of the 1. FC Union Berlin. Meanwhile, children from 6-12 years of age require a children's admission ticket.
  4. Is my match ticket also usable on public transport?
    • The home ticket for 1.FC Union Berlin matches is NOT a valid ticket for public transport.
  5. Where can I obtain tickets for wheelchair users?
    • Wheelchair users must register with Mario Jähnicke (disabled person in charge/ to buy a day ticket for €9,50. The accompanying person receives free admission to the stadium. The number of disabled parking spaces is limited and will be handled according to the first-come-first-serve principle. The wheelchair pass can be picked up at the ticket office during the week before the scheduled match date or on the day of the event. Due to limited capacity, there is no entitlement to access to the stadium.
  6. Where can I obtain referee tickets?
    • For home games of 1. FC Union Berlin you will receive referee cards at the special box office. The special cash register is located next to cash desk area 1 (located on the side of the forest) in the container wing. Note: referee cards are available in limited numbers on matchdays. The box offices are open 1.5 hours before the match.
  7. Is it possible to purchase a voucher for tickets?
    • Ticket vouchers are available at the Union-Zeughaus and online at
  8. When are dates and kick-off times confirmed for games?
    • The precise scheduling of the match day usually takes place 2-4 weeks before the respective round of fixtures. The match schedules are drawn up by the DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH).
  9. Where can I collect my tickets before the match?
    •   Counter in der Geschäftsstelle Ticketoffice
      Which tickets can be collected? - Purchased VIP-Tickets
      - Still-to-be-paid VIP Tickets
      - Free Tickets
      - Prize tickets from competitions
      - Purchased tickets for seats and standing
      Where can I find the counter? 1. FC Union Berlin e. V.
      Geschäftstelle Eingang 1
      An der Wuhlheide 263
      12555 Berlin
      1. FC Union Berlin e. V.
      Geschäftstelle Eingang 2
      An der Wuhlheide 263
      12555 Berlin
      When is the counter open? 90 mins before kick-off 90 mins before kick-off
      How can I pay for the tickets? Cash and debit card Cash and debit card
Secondary Ticket Market

General matters

  1. How does the secondary ticket market work for 1. FC Union Berlin?
    • Season ticket holders can offer their tickets for sale at a sold-out game via the secondary ticket market - if they don’t want to use it. If the sale is successful, the season ticket holder will receive the proportionate season ticket price per game. The buyer pays the proportionate price of the season ticket plus 15 % handling charge, and if applicable, shipping costs. After a successful sale, the supplier's season ticket will be blocked for admission to the respective match at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei with the entry "Zweitmarkt" ("Secondary Ticket Market").
  2. I don’t have access to my account due to a ban. How can I access that?
  3. I want to register, but I get the error message: "The e-mail address provided is already in use".
    • You have already created a profile at an earlier time using this email address. Please use the username given at that time for the first login -- even if you forgot your password and want to request a new one. If you no longer know your username, please contact


  1. I have no internet access. How can I sell my season ticket?
  2. How can I register for the secondary ticket market?
    • Here you can register for Union Berlin’s secondary ticket market, if you haven't already registered. After completing the registration process, you can use the market to sell your unused season ticket for a particular match. When you connect your season ticket with the market, you must also enter a valid bank account in order to receive your credit note.
  3. I have uploaded my season ticket to the system, but nobody has purchased it for this match. Can I take it down?
    • The proposed sale of your season ticket can still be cancelled as long as the ticket has not yet been reserved or purchased by another fan. Simply log in and cancel the corresponding item from your listing.
  4. When will I receive the credit note for selling my ticket?
    • You will receive the credit note max. 10 working days after the match.
  5. How do I know that my ticket has been sold?
    • As soon as your ticket has been reserved and paid for, you will receive an e-mail from us. You will also be informed about the additional credit by e-mail.
  6. Do I need to hand over my season ticket, if a buyer is found?
    • No, your season ticket will only be blocked for this particular match. The buyer will receive an individual, day-only ticket for the selected game.
  7. I own several season tickets and want to manage them with my login. How is that possible?
    • Every season ticket holder can see in his account under the "possible tickets" banner, which season tickets are owned by him/her. He/she can offer these as he/she wishes on the official secondary ticket market.
  8. Is it also possible to offer VIP or hospitality tickets on the secondary ticket market?
    • VIP tickets and hospitality suites cannot be offered on the secondary ticket market.
  9. Can tickets for away matches be sold?
    • The secondary ticket market of Union Berlin can only be used for home games.


  1. How do I obtain my purchased ticket?
    • The purchased ticket(s) will be available to the buyer in the form of day-only tickets, which can be collected at the stadium on the day of the match or can be printed at home.
  2. What are the methods of payment?
    • Your purchase can be made via the usual payment methods in the online shop. These are Paypal, a direct bank transfer and payment by credit card. The sale will be credited to your registered account. Tickets from the secondary market for Union Berlin are also available in all Union-Zeughaus stores.
  3. I have lost my ticket and don’t have the email confirmation. How can I obtain my ticket?
  4. What are the fees for buying tickets from the secondary ticket market?
    • The ticket price plus 15% handling fee and, if applicable, shipping fees.
  5. Are there any discounts on the secondary market?
    • Tickets are not available at discounted prices. Only regular tickets are available.
  6. Can tickets for away matches be bought?
    • The secondary ticket market of Union Berlin can only be used for home games.

General questions

  1. How can I become a member?
    • Become a member by completing the member registration form or you can follow here at this link. The membership application forms are now in the Union-Zeughaus club shops at the stadium and in Berlin.
  2. What are the benefits of a club membership?
    • A voice and influence through voting rights at Annual General Meetings.
    • The possibility to join the fan and member department (FuMa) of 1.FC Union Berlin.
    • Pre-purchase access to tickets for season tickets, home, away or German Cup matches.
  3. What types of memberships are available?
    • There are both active and passive memberships. Active members are those who practice a sport within the club. Passive members don’t participate in sporting activities.
  4. Is membership available to children or new-borns?
    • Of course. Since children aren’t legally competent, the guardians must apply for membership. Important: If the membership is a gift for new-borns from a friend, written consent from the guardian must be obtained.
  5. Where can I find the articles of association?
    • You can find our statutes and rules of contribution here or at one of the club’s Union-Zeughaus shops.
  6. How do I get my welcome gift – the member scarf?
    • You can collect the scarf from one of the club stores. If this is not possible, then we’ll gladly send it to your home. For this, however, we pass on the postage costs to you. We charge a flat shipping rate and handling fee of EUR 4. Please transfer this to the bank account below:

      IBAN: DE93 1004 0000 0231 9069 06
      Reason: Membership number and keyword ‚Postage Scarf'

Questions about contribution

  1. How expensive is the membership?
    • Payment type Payment (monthly)
      Full 10,00 €
      Concessions** 5,00 €
      Youth member until 18 years 3,50 €
      Kids and youth members until 12 years* 1,00 €
      *as part of family membership  

      In addition, a one-off admission fee of one month's membership fee is charged. Pensioners, people with disabilities, trainees, pupils, students and job seekers can pay the reduced entrance price. Please submit proof of reduced membership. Here's what proof you need to submit:

      Concessions** What evidence must you provide?
      Job seekers Berlin-Pass, Proof of job seekers allowance
      Pensioner Pensioner Identity Card
      People with disabilities Disabled Badge
      Pupil (school) School ID
      Student Certificate of Enrolment
      Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Contract
      Kids up to 17 years Birth Certificate
      Re-trainee Re-trainee Certificate
  2. How and in which time scale can I pay?
    • The easiest way for you and for us is to give us authorization for a direct debit. Then we will deduct your account automatically at the beginning of the month. Here are the various payment options:
      • 1. monthly
      • 2. quarterly
      • 3. half-yearly
      • 4. yearly

      Of course, you can also transfer the contributions after purchase. If you don’t have an account, you can pay the fee in cash a club store. Payment by EC and other cards is also possible there.
  3. I want to pay for my membership. Which account?
    • Commerzbank
      IBAN: DE93 1004 0000 0231 9069 06
      Reason: Membership number

Questions about membership identification

  1. My membership card has a mistake. What can I do?
    • Please come to one of the club stores and let our colleagues know. We will correct the error and print out a new identification card.
  2. What can I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    • Please let us know immediately, either through E-mail ( or phone 030656688100. We’ll block the ID Card. We will be happy to issue a new card, but there will be a protection and handling fee of EUR10.
  3. My membership card is no longer readable. What can I do?
    • Again, the best port of call is possibly one of Union’s club shops. We will print out a new I.D. card, but if there was damage due to negligent use then we reserve the right to charge EUR10 handling fee.

Questions about tickets for members

  1. As a member, can I guarantee tickets for home or away matches?
    • Members are given preferential treatment when tickets are being issued. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the 36,957 members (31.03.2020) of the club. We grant members the right to purchase a certain number of tickets for games which have high demand. The number of tickets is determined from match-to-match.
  2. As a member, can I guarantee season tickets?
    • Unfortunately not. The contingent of season ticket holders is smaller than the number of members. However, there is a pre-purchase right to season tickets.
  3. When will I have pre-purchase rights as a member?
    • You must be a member for at least six months or have paid the membership as a new member at least six months in advance.

Questions about gifts

  1. How do I get my welcome gift – the member scarf?
    • You can pick up the scarf at one of the club stores. If this is not possible, we will gladly send you the scarf home. For this we have to pass on the postage costs to you.

      For this we charge a flat shipping and handling fee of EUR4. Please transfer the fee as follows:

      IBAN: DE93 1004 0000 0231 9069 06
      Reason: Membership number & keyword "postage scarf"
  2. Can I give the membership as a gift?
    • Of course you can also give a membership as a gift. Please fill in a membership application form. If you have a question like "Application for", please select the appropriate family member or another person. Please do not enter the telephone number and e-mail address of the actual member, otherwise the member to be donated will be contacted.

Questions about changing details

  1. Can I receive a retroactive discount for my membership?
    • Unfortunately not. For those members, a submitted proof of discount is only valid from the following month. This is because the contribution has already been billed. We send monthly reminders by Email and post to ensure no members forget to send their proof. If the proof is not submitted for the deadline, no retrospective observance can take place.
  2. I have moved or changed my account. How do I notify you of the changes?
    • You can either send us an Email with your new data or you can change it in your member profile at the Union-Zeughaus, one of our club stores. Alternatively, you can notify us by Email: we need a signature for this, however.
  3. My last name has changed. How I can update my membership card?
    • Please come to one of the Union-Zeughaus stores and let one of your colleagues know. We will update your last name and print a new identification card.
  4. Can a membership be transferred?
    • No. It must be terminated, followed by a new membership.

Questions about registration

  1. How do I register with my membership number at the Zeughaus?
    • At our website, you will see the navigation point “Register” at the top right of the screen. Fill in the form completely and enter your new membership number below.
  2. I'm already registered and would like to add an existing number to the account. Is that possible?
    • Normally we use existing profiles for the creation of new memberships. If they exist, of course. To add the membership, please contact us by Email ( or by phone at 030656688100.

Questions about cancellation

  1. When can I end my membership?
    • A membership can be ended under the following conditions:
      • Termination of the member
      • Death of the member
      • Expulsion of the member
      • Cancellation of the member
  2. How can I cancel my membership?
    • Membership can be terminated in writing with a notice period of 4 weeks to the end of the quarter. Just send us a short e-mail with your membership number:
  3. Can a membership be transferred?
    • Unfortunately, the membership cannot be transferred. It must therefore be terminated and a new membership applied for.
  4. No answer to your question?
    • Please contact the member service with your request: by e-mail at or by phone at 030 / 65 66 88 100. Please always have your membership number ready for the personal contact and state it with every time you contact us or make a bank transfer.